Some words about us

We are a group of expert developers with more than 10 years experience in the Software Industry. We have developed hundreds of applications for our clients all around the world. We specialize in custom-based solutions, and provide our clients with the best support.

So why another Licensing Solution?
Well, basically because we as developers have faced many times this question when delivering a new solution to our clients: How do we license it? After searching a lot for a .NET Licensing System that could help us with this, and that would integrate easily in our applications, we discovered that nothing in market was exactly what we wanted. So we decided to it ourselves, and have successfully used this solution with many of our clients.

It is simple, efficient, easy to use, and secure. All communications are encrypted, and code is dotfuscated. You just need to add a reference to our dll in your project, and in 3 lines of code you are done.

We are opened to any suggestions that you may have, and also to provide any custom-solution that best suits your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond ASAP.

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