When a valid license is entered, the License Manager shows the following information:

          - Left Panel: List of registered SecureOnCloud clients to the server.

          -Central Panel:

o   Logging information.

o   License Count:

-  Number of Total Licenses.

-  Number of Licenses in use, which is equivalent to number of registered clients.

-  Number of Licenses Available.

          -Status Bar:

o   Server Status: Running or Stopped.

o   Client Name (Licensed To).


Toolbar buttons:

          -Start (): This button restarts the Windows Service. It is very important that everytime a new license is entered, the Service is restarted. Server starts listening on port 9001 for new clients. Please check that your firewall does not block this port

          -License Status (): From this window a user can generate a new key.txt file for requesting a license extension.

          -About (): Application Information.

          -Exit(): The User Interface exits. If the "Close Button" is used instead, the application does not close, but minimizes to the System Tray. When user double-click on its icon, the User Interface is shown again.



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